How to build a ETH, ZCASH, MORENO, or Any Kind of GPU Ming Rig

This is for someone who is looking to mine on a large scale and need someone to identify hardware differently and to make sure you are actually purchasing what you should be. My aims to offer some pro basic Hardware choice selections, with reasoning behind them.  I can help you build the custom rig that will out preform other machines all day every day.  I can get you set up to go and can handle any sized custom projects.  I can show you how to take 30k and make 40k+ a year every year. This is not Bitcoin mining but you mine other coins and trade for bitcoin.  You have to know what coins are the most profitable.  I can be you consultant to get your farm our just small personal farm off the ground and running in the right direction. Pay in  BITCOIN  Contact me when you have sent payment 1HTvNjcCQVMbzEC8kRTtHM6hoqDgd4aphp                            

Pay in Bitcoin price = $110

If I am not online I come online in no more than 30 minutes so place order now