OLIPPA is a network of top rated Freelancers whom come together on a a new advanced buyer and seller platform OLIPPA also gives access to a wide variety of categories some of which cannot be found on a regular micro jobs website. It is therefore, specialized and skill specific and those who want to invest in a career can use the website as their starting point. Employers can deposit money for paying Service providers using M-pesa, PayPal, Skrill or Payza. On the other hand, money earned through the website can be obtained via Paypal or Skrill.

Micro jobs (MJobs) have took the job market to a different level. As these online jobs fit very well into the schedule of busy people, they are gaining widespread popularity among different age groups. While there are many freelancer job sites available online, not many offer what OLIPPA offers. This is a website dedicated to helping buyers meet sellers and vice versa. The website helps both parties get in touch with each other, understand the requirement and complete high quality assignments.

With the help of the website, streamlined interaction can take place facilitating communication that can help build a long lasting relation. Micro job sites in general, take on a very basic approach. There is nothing much to explore other than search for that one perfect job until all resources are exhausted.

On OLIPPA, everything comes to the member on a platter. All jobs are systematically categorized to help eliminate confusion and clutter. The user interface is very simple and efficient. Any user no matter how experienced he or she is will find the user interface to be particularly helpful while locating a buyer/seller.

Another aspect that sets this website apart from the rest of the crowd is the flexibility it gives to the user. Sellers can withdraw after job completion in a matter of 2 days and take on something new or attend to personal needs. Unlike a regular paying job, micro jobs accessed through this website gives users the freedom to enjoy their rewards faster. Most of the projects furnished on the website deliver payment in a time frame of 2-4 weeks. For those who are planning on building a strong savings account, this is the best place to go to.
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